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Case Study: How We Generate 100-200+ New Patient Phone Calls Per Month With Google Maps

We’ve been working with dental practices to help them acquire patients since 2018.

Since then, we’ve tested and managed all major marketing channels for dentists:

  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Website SEO

But nothing delivered consistent, hyper-profitable results.

When we dug into it, here were the issues that we found:

  • Facebook ads -> No one is searching for dental services on Facebook.
  • Instagram ads -> No one is searching for dental services on Instagram.
  • Google Ads -> Clicks were too expensive which made campaigns unprofitable.
  • Website SEO -> Took too long to rank and website traffic is declining.

We still managed to make all of these marketing channels work, but it didn’t provide the practice-transforming results that we expected.

We needed a marketing channel that could deliver 10, 25, 50 or even 100+ new patients per month for free or for a low-cost that would help dental practices keep profits high.

That’s when we decided to look deeper into how people were finding dentists since consumer behaviour is always changing – and here’s what we found:

Google Maps is a huge part in how people find dentists.

Just think about it… When you need a particular service, for example a plumber, what do you do? Do you go to Facebook or Instagram to find one? Do you search on Youtube? What about TikTok? Likely not…

You search on Google and scroll to the maps section to see which business is 1) nearby, 2) currently open and 3) has good reviews.

From there, you call the business directly from Google Maps (if you’re on mobile) and book an appointment.

Even website traffic is declining these days because Google Maps already has all the information someone needs to make a buying decision.

This is what consumer behaviour has evolved to, and Google Maps is at the forefront of how we discover and buy services from businesses.

But in order for a dental practice to get patients from Google Maps, they need to rank high. This is what we help our dental practice clients do.

Here are the results we’ve been able to achieve:

Here are practices generating 50-200+ new patient phone calls per month from Google Maps:

All of these calls are absolutely free (Google doesn’t charge for them) and are high-intent since these people are actively searching for dentists on Google and picking up the phone to call.

There is no better traffic source available for dental practices right now.

Generating 100 phone calls per month on other platforms such as Google ads would likely cost $3000+ per month, but it’s absolutely free if you generate it from Google Maps.

Here are clients ranking in the top 3 Google maps spot for dental implants:

How valuable would it be to generate an extra 100-200 new patient phone calls per month?

What about an extra 50 dental implant phone calls per month?

If you’re not actively working on your Google Maps profile, rankings are likely declining each month as nearby competitors start to outrank you and capture more phone calls.

Here’s a practice that was declining in rankings month after month until we took over:

If you’d like to get more patients using Google Maps, click the button below to book a call. We only work with one dental practice per local area, so book now to secure your spot:

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