About Our Company

Reach Your Revenue Goals & Grow With Us

Every business owner starts their business with a dream of the potential it can reach, but at some point we realize we can't do it all alone - we need to build a team of experts to move the business forward. Our goal is to be a valuable part of your team as expert marketers.

Our Vision and Mission

Our vision is to help 1000 business owners across North America reach their business and revenue goals using digital marketing campaigns. We believe in always doing what’s right for our clients, as well as being transparent, honest and empathetic to further our relationship with them.

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Our Team Members

Our Creative Team

Business is not a solo endeavour – it’s a team sport, and we have brought together incredible talent from all over the world to serve our clients and help them achieve their business and revenue goals with speed and peace of mind.

Prasad Mahes
Founder & CEO
Mariel Marilao
Director of Oureach
Andrew Gulayan
Sales Development Rep
Agnes Magpoc
Sales Development Rep